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Women's Spirituality is one of the most rapidly growing forms of worship. Thousands of women are recalling their ancient priestess/shaman (from a Siberian word meaning “woman”) selves and are coming together to meet in women-only circles to celebrate, to heal and to remember. Women's Spirituality is based on ancient and so-called “modern” pocket option beliefs blended together, and, like Christianity, the term includes many different ideas. As practiced by The GODDESS TEMPLE of Orange County, our thealogy (from Thea, a Greek titaness, goddess of sight, light and the brilliance of gems) and our philosophy has a strong grounding in:

The religions of ancient peoples grounded in Goddess worship, honoring Mother Nature, Mother Earth and Her cycles...

The modern day Goddess movement and the teachings of metaphysics... includes these concepts...

  • There is One Divine Power of which each individual is an Essential Expression; this Energy can be directed with Our intentions, thoughts, prayers and actions to improve Our lives and to heal Our world.

  • All forms of Energy directed by any individual are ultimately returned in some form to the sender.

  • Each woman is free to do as She will, providing Her intent is wholesome, to Herself and to others.

  • Every woman is Priestess of Her own life and can use Her Divinely-inspired intuition to guide Her. Divinity pocket options broker lives within all; every woman can access this Holy Spirit for Her own benefit; no intermediary is needed.

  • Each woman already holds the entire body of knowledge of the Universe within; accessing this Infinite Knowledge requires releasing negative ego and accepting Oneness.

  • Each woman is honored as both Priestess and Sister to all other women; every phase of woman's life from child to elder is honored as essential to the balance of society and the well-being of humanity and the environment.

  • Healthy diversity is celebrated: ethnic, racial, sexual, economic, social and appearance.

  • The patriarchy (rule of the father, dominator model) under which we live is now lovingly and powerfully giving way to Sacred Feminine Principles of wholeness, interconnectedness of all beings, justice, peace, sharing, harmony, love and consideration of the good of all.

  • Sacred Feminine Power births all in the universe that is seen and unseen: sentient beings, the physical world, energy, concepts and principles. Women are welcome to refer to the Divine by any name with which they are comfortable. In prayers led by Temple priestesses, the Divine is generally referred to in the feminine form, such as "Great Mother," "Goddess," "Sacred Feminine Power for Good," or pocket option promo occasionally a neutral term such as 'Ground of Being," "The Eternal," or "Holy Spirit

"So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind, while just the art of being kind, is all the sad world needs." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1850-1919
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