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Recalling Your Power
Peace and Prosperity Are Already Part of You

The Program to help you remember, reclaim and easily access
your personal power to priestess your own life towards peace and prosperity

The Goddess Temple's personal development program, Remembering Your Power, holds pocket option that each woman is priestess of her own life, and already knows in her deepest self what she needs to make her life satisfying and happy. Each woman has the ability to be productive, peaceful, and powerful and sometimes she needs help in remembering, reclaiming and accessing this ancient wisdom that lives silently within, patiently awaiting her notice.

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Goddess Holy Water

Bringing to You 24 Different Powers

Water from Goddess grottoes all over the world such as Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England, and Lourdes, France, is famous for its healing powers. The GODDESS TEMPLE of Orange County offers Holy Water of the Goddess sanctified on the Main Altar, prayed over by Her priestesses 99 times with each specific intention and containing pocket option broker original water from both Chalice Well and Lourdes. This pure and powerful Holy Water comes in five specific intentions for your personal work. It can be used in many ways: to bless yourself, to purify space or an altar, to use in ritual, to libate the Divine, or to drink for healing. Click here to view and purchase Goddess Holy Water.

Experience with Ava
Includes summary of all Queen Teachings, printed notes, refreshments/lunch,
ritual and Gold keepsake pocket option bonus Queen pen; reservations required
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