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Meet Reverend Ava



... the only temple of its kind in the world!
Ava is the area's well-known ritual priestess and minister.  

Minister . Artist . Activist

A businesswoman in the 80·s, she left the corporate world to focus on her life mission: to help return balance to the planet by bringing The Sacred Feminine back to modern day religion. Trained in Women·s Spirituality, metaphysics and Buddhism, Ava founded the Temple in 2002 - and, at this writing, it serves women's spirituality as the only Temple of its kind in the world. She currently leads the women·s congregation in Sunday services, healing circles, seasonal rituals and special spiritual events.

Ava facilitates effective and life-changing personal ritual for clients, including beautiful marriage and commitment ceremonies, powerful divorce rituals for releasing past relationships, memorable house and birth blessings, and meaningful funeral memorials, particularly those honoring and celebrating the lives of beloved companion animals. She maintains a loyal client list of businesses, small and large, who rely upon her for regular energetic space clearing of their offices and business spaces. Her most popular service is the "Prosperity Altar for Business Success," an individually created and regularly maintained spiritual space inside an office that promotes a healthy business with happy customers.

Her counseling service for women uses personalized affirmations on tape, combined with a tailor-made graphic book, and is guaranteed to ·turn your life around in three to six months·  or your money happily refunded. Few counselors will offer to refund fees, but Ava's program is so effective that in fifteen years of  counseling, no client has yet taken her up on it.  She also regularly counsels women of her congregation and their partners and children.

Ava is a Member of the Board of the International Tibet Independence Movement, and the terrible plight of the Tibetan people in Chinese-occupied Tibet is of special concern. In June of 2000, she walked with a small group the 200 miles from San Diego to Los Angeles in the ·March for Independence for Tibet.· Walking fifteen miles a day along Pacific Coast Highway, the group made presentations each evening to the community in which they found themselves, and slept in local churches.  After an audience with His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, Ava traveled to occupied Tibet to smuggle into the country money and messages of hope from American women·s religious groups to threatened Tibetan Buddhist nuns.  


In 1987, Ava founded the area·s most well-known and respected animal advocate organization, the 501(c)3 nonprofit Orange County People for Animals.  After serving as president for thirteen years, she passed the leadership of the group to lawyer Tina Locklear; Ava continues to serve on the Board of Directors. Under Locklear's excellent leadership, OCPA carries on Ava's work, promoting "a compassionate, healthy and peaceful planet" through public education in understanding the interconnectedness of all life. Arrested more than a dozen times for civil disobedience during the 80's, Ava has rescued hundreds of animals and helped to bring about significant improvements for "our brothers and sisters"during the last fifteen years.

A popular radio personality with a metaphysical perspective, Ava hosted the ·Visionaries· radio show for over five years continuously. The show aired every Friday at 5 pm at the University of California at Irvine's "KUCI" (88.9 FM) station, with Ava interviewing prominent local, national and international leaders and authors in the areas of human and animal rights, metaphysics, religion, environmentalism and more.  

The ·Gallery of the  Goddess,· her performance art exhibit showing at various locations in Orange County, including the Santora Arts Building in Santa Ana, is an unusual blend of public ritual and spiritual art, "encouraging a return to the experience of the Feminine Divine in daily life."  The art exhibit is an educational interactive mixed-media presentation in a temple-like atmosphere predominantly focusing on spiritual themes from a woman·s perspective.  Ava also creates commissioned altars for special clients, each stunning hanging wall piece focusing on a particular life goal or intention.       

Ava has been profiled in the Los Angeles Times, Orange Coast Magazine, Awakenings, and others; over the last fifteen years she has also appeared on numerous television and radio shows.  Her articles on non- violence and spirituality have been published in periodicals throughout the United States. She is a regular speaker to professional, community, civic, school and church organizations, and was named "Citizen of the Year" for 1998 by OC Weekly.

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